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Since 1999, we have been entrusted by some of the world's leading Fortune 500 companies and well-known and respected trade associations to provide customized software, services and innovative technology solutions for fundraising event management.

For over 12 years, Coalescent has remained the unsurpassed leader and most recently received the #1 ranking in the 2012 Client Satisfaction Review of Public Affairs Software as conducted by the Public Affairs Council.

Why Coalescent?

  • We can effectively manage over 12,000 fundraising events every year.
  • We can handle your event administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time to increase your fundraising receipts.
  • We can provide you with a full service offering or combine any features to customize your solution to manage tasks related to Congressional fundraising events.
  • We can develop and implement a mobile roadmap that allows you to captalize on mobile technology and ever-evolving user behavior.
  • We can make it easy to create, manage and grow a base of mobile supporters for any fundraising campaign.
  • We can help you maintain an ever-present connection with your supporters.