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Coalescent offers cost-effective customized solutions to meet our client's needs. Please click on the links below to learn more about our products and services or feel free to reach out to us directly by visiting the Contact page.

We provide fully customized solutions to handle the day-to-day PAC activites -- from a live receptionist to take event-related calls to a personalized Coalescent client representative providing you customized event and campaign information -- so you can focus more time on growing your PAC.

In 2011, Coalescent listed over 10,000 fundraising events. Gain access to a comprehensive list of bi-partisan PAC and fundraising events happening in the Washington metropolitan area and back in the Member's home state or district.

An effective mobile strategy must work in tandem with existing communications strategies and support your long-term objectives. We develop and implement mobile strategies and provide a roadmap that allows you to capitalize on mobile technology and ever-evolving user behavior.

Our mobile solution is a complete one-stop service that makes it easy to create, manage and grow a base of mobile supporters. With the mobile platform you can maintain an ever-present connection to your supporters, and accept donations whenever, wherever.

event related outsourcing

Coalescent will provide you with a full service offering or we can combine any of the following features to customize your solution to manage tasks related to Congressional fundraising events.

  • A designated PAC event phone line will be established to receive event related calls.
  • A live receptionist will be available to answer calls and handle each according to your customized protocols.
  • Flexible message delivery will be provided including via:
  • Email
    • Text Message Sent to your cell phone
    • Fax
    • Live verbal relay
  • A customized e-mail address and unique fax number will be created to receive event information electronically.
  • Implement a strategy to communicate new PAC contact information to the fundraising community.
  • Create a personalized e-mail notification to the fundraising community.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive list of fundraiser and campaign contacts to be notified about new designated PAC contact information.
  • Deliver important, high-priority non-event related faxes via e-mail to your PC or any mobile device.
  • A personalized Coalescent client representative will be assigned to your account. Representative services will include:
    • Create and deliver a weekly customized comprehensive list of candidate, leadership PAC and party committee events based on your PAC budget or specific requests.
    • RSVP to events on behalf of your lobbyists and staff. Customized e-mail verification will be provided.
    • Create and send Outlook meeting requests to add events directly onto participant's calendars with event details.
    • Set up meeting reminders/alerts for each event.
    • Call and email your staff/lobbyists upon event changes or cancellations to RSVP'd events. Make appropriate change in Outlook calendar.
    • Create and electronically deliver a weekly list of event RSVPs.
    • Provide a monthly report of attended events for reporting purposes.
    • Provide, upon request, comprehensive campaign and fundraising contact information for candidates, leadership PACs and party committees (including incumbent, open seat, challenger, leadership PAC, and party committee street campaign addresses, including complete with FEC address, ID number and contact information).
    • Be on call to handle specific search requests, serve as a liaison to the fundraising community on your behalf or answer any questions you might have.
secure pac database

By subscribing to our service you gain access to a comprehensive list of bi-partisan PAC and fundraising events taking place in the Washington metropolitan area and beyond. As a client, you and your organization have unlimited corporate-wide access to the site.

Coalescent allows you to:

  • View fundraising events in chronological order
  • RSVP online and track your event history
  • Download information into Cision, PASS, Aristotle and Comerica event modules to review budget amounts and contribution history
  • Create a PAC profile that sorts events based on your PAC budget
  • Access campaign addresses complete with FEC ID numbers, campaign and fundraising contact information
  • Spend more time raising money for your PAC, organizing events, or lobbying instead of sorting through stacks of faxes, e-mails, invitations and phone messages
  • Take the Hassle Out of Fundraising Event Scheduling

secure pac database

It seems like every day new statistics are reported about the meteoric growth in the mobile internet. One billion smartphones globally... 50% smartphone penetration in the United States... the mobile web is growing at 8 times the rate of the Internet. Causes and campaigns will be well-served by a rich suite of site building capabilities which are fully optimized for smartphones and that's why we have partnered with RAZ Mobile.

With RAZ Mobile you will be prepared to take advantage of the benefits of instant connectivity with your target audience:

  • Have a fully optimized mobile site loaded with content you control (News, Events, Polls, YouTube videos, Twitter, Facebook, Volunteering and more)
  • RAZ Mobile Promote -- you can message your supporters on Twitter and Facebook (and email and text message)
  • Accept donations from supporters using your merchant account
  • QwikRAZ™ QR code in all your campaign materials (posters, mailers, buttons, handouts, flyers, etc.), donors can scan it and complete your donation form on their phone
  • Donors can create a RAZ Mobile PIN, and access their PCI compliant securely stored information for future contributions making repeat donations quick and easy
  • RAZ Mobile PIN donors can give to any cause or campaign quickly and conveniently since RAZ Mobile will recognize them as a RAZ Mobile PIN-enabled donor
  • None of the one-time or monthly contribution limits of a text or Twitter contribution
  • Immediate access to your donations and no excessive fees or messy contracts
  • Follow contributions in real-time using your RAZ Mobile Dashboard

The RAZ Mobile solution is a complete one-stop service that gives your cause or campaign all the tools you’ll need to connect to your supporters and process their donations through their mobile phones.

secure pac database

  • The ability to accept Prior Authorizations from any mobile smart phone
  • Follow Prior Authorizations using your RAZ Mobile dashboard
  • Receive e-mail notifications once Prior Authorization has been provided
  • Customize your disclaimers and easily download reports and view results
  • Customize e-mail responses to those who have agreed to Prior Authorization

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secure pac database

For many users mobile phones are the primary way to access and engage on the web. According to a report from Pew Internet, 50% of adults with a mobile phone have smart phones and many sources predict that by 2015 all phones being sold globally will be smart phones.

Very soon every adult in the US will have one and they will be using this as their primary access device to get to the internet. You need to be prepared for this trend with a mobile site that will render quickly and properly on your supporters phones and be able to effectively communicate and generate donations to your cause.

At Coalescent we understand mobile is a unique channel and an effective mobile strategy must work in tandem with existing communications strategies and support your long-term objectives. Working with you we will develop and implement a mobile strategy and roadmap that allows you to capitalize on mobile technology and ever-evolving user behavior.

Mobile web use will surpass the PC
According to Microsoft, in 2014, mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage and already in 2011; more than 50% of all “local” searches are done from a mobile device. This means that providing your supporters with a positive mobile internet experience is pretty much mandatory.

Conclusion: Increasingly people will be searching for you on their phone instead of their PC so having a great mobile experience for them will be crucial in maintaining the connection to your supporters.

There is a need for mobile website that will render quickly and properly
A 2011 report by Gomez Compuware found that 74% of mobile web users will only wait 5 seconds for a site to load. 57% of mobile web users will not recommend a site that is slow to load. Even more alarming is a slow site greatly increases the odds that users won't come back to your site ever.

Conclusion: This is why having a mobile optimized site is vital to maximizing your presence on mobile phones and it will greatly prepare you to take advantage of the fact that very soon mobile phones will become the primary access point to the web.

Text message open rates vs. email open rates
According to a leading text messaging marketing firm, text message open rates are up to 4 times higher than email open rates. It's not uncommon to see text messaging open rates as high as 98%. With more and more users opening their email on their mobile phone if your email doesn't render properly your supporters won't open your email on their phone any more.

Conclusion: By using text messaging to communicate with your supporters you will get higher open rates than email.

Social network access via mobile phones is booming
In May 2011 minutes spent on Facebook over 53 billion minutes. This is 3 times as much as minutes spent on Google. The number of Twitter and Facebook users that access these social platforms via their mobile phones recently passed the 50% mark and are rising rapidly.

Conclusion: Building your followers on these social media sites is a great way to also build your mobile followers. You want to be able to reach these supporters with a mobile site that will show quickly and properly on their phone.

Mobile is greener than direct mail
Besides being expensive, it's no secret that almost all direct mail ends up in the trash. In fact the Ohio Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention (OCAPP) estimates that 250,000 homes could be heated for a single day's junk mail.

Conclusion: If you are still using direct mail for supporter communication and solicitation of donations you should add your QR code or a call to action to your supporters. Over time you will be able to lessen your use of direct mail and enjoy the benefits of the mobile channel.

Digital combined with DM results in a higher LV for a donor
According to a report by a leading fundraising analytics company, the highest lifetime value of a donor is achieved by converting this donor from direct mail to a digital form of giving.

Conclusion: Given the immediacy afforded by reaching your supporters via their mobile phones it makes sense to add the mobile channel to your donor communication and fundraising efforts.