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For most consumers, mobile phones are the primary way to access and engage on the web. Mobile phones have now eclipsed desktop in usage and, according to a report from Pew Internet, over 75% of U.S. adults own smart phones.

Leverage this reality with a mobile site that renders quickly and properly on your supporters’ phones and be able to effectively communicate and generate donations to your cause.

At Coalescent we understand that an effective mobile strategy must work in tandem with existing communications strategies and support your long-term objectives. Working with you we will develop and implement a mobile strategy and roadmap that allows you to capitalize on mobile technology and ever-evolving user behavior.

Understanding Mobile UX

Mobile users expect quick rendering and an overall site experience that is mobile-specific. Having a mobile optimized site is vital to maximizing your presence via mobile.

Text message open rates vs. email open rates

Text message open rates are up to 4 times higher than email open rates. By using text messaging to communicate with your supporters you will get higher open rates than email.

Social network access via mobile phones is booming

Building your followers on social platforms is a great way to also build your mobile followers. You will want to be able to reach these supporters with a mobile site that will show quickly and properly on their phone.

Environmental responsibility

Besides being expensive, it's no secret that almost all direct mail ends up in the trash. By optimizing your mobile communications strategy, you can reduce your direct mail waste.

Digital combined with DM results in a higher LV for a donor

According to a report by a leading fundraising analytics company, the highest lifetime value of a donor is achieved by combining direct mail and digital communications and giving methods.



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